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Tired of the uncertainty, the fear of getting
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Research points to the power of group tapping for reducing stress. One study has even
shown people tapping in a group lowered cortisol levels by a whopping 43%!

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Learn the stress-management tool of tapping on acupressure points. Teach it to everyone you know, especially your children.

Live only, no recordings.

Please share with everyone, especially parents and first responders.

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Tap With Me on The Shift Network

Recently I led a tapping group session on The Shift Network.

Watch this video to learn more about this work and have a direct experience.

Mary’s Clients Share

I have accomplished more healing and personal growth through working with Mary in about a year than I have in the previous three decades working with other counselors.

~Attorney, Albany, NY area

Meet Mary

For over two decades, Mary Sise, LCSW, DCEP has been a leading voice in advancing the field of energy psychology. In 2007, she co-authored the book, The Energy of Belief: Psychology’s Power Tools to Focus Intention & Release Blocking Beliefs. She as also served as a past president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

Mary has used tapping on meridians thousands of times with her clients. She maintains a private practice in Albany, NY.