Mary continues to be one of our top-rated presenters, even after 18 years of speaking at our yearly conference to return participants. We wouldn’t think of doing a conference without her.

~Mandi Freger, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

I know firsthand …

… the challenge—and the rewardof finding a great event speaker. In addition to my 30 years in public speaking, I have spent more than 10 years developing, organizing, and managing large, multi-day conferences at a local, national, and even international level. I know all too well that the right speaker can make or break an event.

On this page, I share what I have to offer as a public speaker, including a taste of what you can expect from me. My hope is to make your task of choosing the right speaker as easy as possible.

About Me

I have been speaking professionally for more than 30 years, in every role imaginable—keynote presenter, emcee, workshop leader, conference directer, television guest, and even adjunct professor. Through my work with Her Holiness Sai Maa, I have presented on the spiritual dimension of psychology and healing. to audiences around the globe (Japan, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Ireland, France).

Multiple times each year, I have spoken to audiences of 750 and greater. In 2004, I founded the Center for Integrative Psychotherapy, enabling me to teach hundreds of hours on energy psychology and trauma recovery through conferences, educational workshops, videos, and clinical supervision. In addition, I served as the Conference and Educational Director, then the President of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

Throughout my speaking career, I have also worked as a counseling clinician, with more than 34,000 client hours logged.

Speaking Topics for the General Public

The Healing Power of You: Your Essential User’s Guide to Manifesting the Love, Wisdom, and Abundance Within

For years, many of us have known—intellectually—that we possess incredible power and wisdom inside. But how do we tap into it, practically speaking? In this talk, I combine cutting-edge brain science with the wisdom of ancient spiritual practice to bring you a 4-step process designed to help you rescue yourself from the past to manifest your best self today.

Dazed and Confused: How to Stay Sane in Emotionally-Charged Interactions

In this talk, I teach you to make sense of confusing interactions, both with strangers and loved ones–the kind that leave you wondering, “How did this conversation go so far off the rails?” By explaining the anatomy of the brain, I give fresh insights into the bewildering behavior of others, as well as some simple tools intended to help keep you calm and sane in the midst of another person’s breakdown. NOTE: This talk is designed for many different audiences, from corporate professionals to those seeking personal growth.

Where the Bleep Was God? Reconnecting With the Divine After Trauma

Ever wondered, “How could a loving God have let this happen to me (or my loved one)?” When we find ourselves asking this question, chances are good that trauma has left its mark on us. This talk explains the key brain mechanisms of trauma that can leave us feeling as if we’ve been abandoned by God. I show you practical tools intended to release this trauma and reconnect with your own spiritual traditions.

The Ultimate Brain Hack: Tapping for Breakthroughs

Ever know exactly what you want to achieve, but just can’t seem to get there, no matter how hard you try? In this workshop you’ll have the opportunity to learn basic tapping methods, and we will tap together on 4 key topics intended to create a breakthrough in your life. Because of the practical nature of this talk, participants consistently report powerful results, even after just a few short hours together.

“Mary is a very engaging public speaker. You don‘t even know you’re sitting in the room with her for hours. You feel like you’re having a conversation with her.”

~Lana A., LAc, PsyD

“Mary is a dynamic, funny, soulful, authentic presenter.”

~Participant, “Healing Soul Fragments”

Speaking Topics for Helping Professionals

You’re More Important Than You Think: The Energetics of the Therapeutic Relationship

How does healing happen? What are the key ingredients that make one technique seem to work better with your clients than another? This talk will challenge your beliefs about theories, therapy, and methodologies. I discuss one key ingredient all helping professionals must bring to the table to make methods effective, as well as what any licensed or non-licensed practitioner can to do improve his or her work—guaranteed. Note: This talk is a great fit for doctors and other medical professionals, too.

Beyond Technique: The Sacred Role of the Healer

What is “dis-ease” from an energetic and spiritual perspective? How can a professional integrate spiritual and energetic principles into clinical care in a way that doesn’t sound blaming or “new–agey”? Through experiential exercises, you will have the opportunity to learn ways to raise and strengthen your own vibration to reach a state where healing can naturally occur, for you and your clients.

When You Are the Issue: Identifying & Releasing the Blocking Beliefs of the Practitioner

Ever had a client who, despite your best efforts, you just couldn’t connect with? This workshop helps you identify what your “difficult” clients are mirroring back to you about yourself. You will have the opportunity to gain tools intended to release your own limiting beliefs so that you can better assist all your clients.

Integrating Energy Techniques into the Treatment of Trauma

This full-day workshop integrates the 4 stages of trauma treatment into clinical care. It begins with a full discussion of how to evaluate for dissociation. Next, you will have the opportunity to learn how to use energy techniques for stabilization and safety prior to processing traumatic events. Utilizing videotaped treatment segments, you will then discover how you can help clients safely process trauma. Note: This is a “must” workshop for therapists who work with trauma using energy psychology methods.

Preventing Practitioner Burnout

In this workshop, I teach about energy in the therapeutic context. You will have the opportunity to gain practical know-how for strengthening your own energy field so that you can stay healthy, vibrant, and passionate about your work as a helping professional.

*Please note While Mary Sise is a member of the Association for Comprehensive “Psychology” (ACEP) and has earned a credential from ACEP as a Diplomate Comprehensive Energy “Psycholology,” she is not a licensed  “Psychologist.” Further, while Mary Sise has lectured about and offers training programs in Energy Psychology techniques, these lectures and training programs are educational in nature and provided only as general information and are not psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information.

“This work is absolutely essential. I feel extremely supported in my practice by what we discussed in Mary’s workshop.”

~Participant, 2013 Eden Energy Medicine Conference

“Amazing! Mary was the best presenter all week.”

~Participant, 2007 NICABM Psychology of Health, Immunity & Disease Conference

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person speaking engagements have been postponed until further notice.

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