Recent Appearances

Preview of Mary’s Post-Conference Session at the 2022 Energy Psychology Conference

Hear Mary discuss what will happen in this post-conference seminar at the ACEP 2022 Energy Psychology Conference. Learn more and register here.

EFT Tapping with Mary Sise on the Kaleidoscope of Possibilities Podcast

Mary joins Dr. Adriana Popescu to discuss EFT Tapping on Episode 43 of the Kaleidoscope of Possibilities podcast.

Experience Deep Clearing EFT to Transmute Limiting Emotions & Align With Your True Presence

Catch the replay to learn more about my 7-week live video course, “Unveil the Power of Your Presence With Deep Clearing EFT: Restore Flow, Align With Your Soul & Be a Healing Force for the World.”

Shift Network 2021 Energy Medicine Summit

Watch the replay of Mary’s session from the Shift Network 2021 Energy Medicine Summit, November 1-5, 2021

Awaken to Your Profound Life Series

Mary is featured on the fourth webinar in the Awaken to Your Profound Life Series, teaching a session titled “If I Create My Own Reality, Why Are YOU Still Here? Relationships as Mirrors”

Heed the call to Level UP

Make no mistake. Mother Earth is transforming.

No wonder things can feel a little crazy. The ground we stand on is literally shifting under our feet.

The ways we’ve “always done it” won’t work anymore.

Now is the time for all of us to Level Up.