“Mary truly is a therapist’s therapist. Now that’s saying something.”

Clients and students of Mary share on how her work has impacted their lives in this brief video.


There’s nothing wrong with you.

Every one of us is born perfect. At no point can you lose your connection with your divine self—even though it certainly might feel that way.

Several factors—among them, the legacy of your family lineage, information in your DNA, and your life experiences—all converge to create the complex energy of you.

When you work with me, it is never about “what is wrong with you.” Rather, it is an opportunity to release the junk, the programming, the layers of distorted thinking that keep you from your diamond self.

I use and teach a wide variety of techniques. But the most important aspect of my work is helping my clients access the Divine Love anchored in every heart. Through its infinite power, I have witnessed miracles.

What’s keeping you from the life you were born for? Let’s work together to transform this for good.


Beyond Talk Therapy

Who hasn’t experienced the gap between knowing and doing? We can talk logically about how we got here, we can discuss how we “should” behave, we can even teach someone else about it, but when we’re upset, logic and reason fly out the window. Why?

Research shows that the area of the brain most distressed by a traumatic event is the limbic region. Upset from the past gets lodged here, waiting like a frightened tiger, ready to spring up and save you again and again and again.

But the area of the brain engaged in talk therapy is mainly the neo-cortex region, where we reason things out and make logical decisions. By talking something through, we gain insight, but this process leaves untouched the part of the brain where the old upset actually lives.

In my counseling work, I do some “talking” with patients to bring focus to their distress. From here, I go directly into limbic structures using modalities involving eye movements, having you tap energy meridian points on your body, use an acupressure hold, or some other intervention. I also use guided imagery to access the material that might be deep in the subconscious yet impacting your life today . All techniques aim to quiet trauma in the regions of the brain and body where that trauma has been stored.

* Limited number of slots for individual work.

Please contact me to make an appointment only after you have read the FAQs.

“I have accomplished more healing and personal growth through working with Mary in about a year than I have in the previous three decades working with other counselors.”

~Attorney, Albany, NY area, Counseling Client

“Mary’s has a knack for balancing compassion, humor, rigor, and the ability to laugh at yourself. The way she has validated different aspects of my life or circumstances has given me courage to keep peeling the onion.”

~C.S., Counseling Client

Coaching and Mentoring

If you’re interested in my work, the chances are good that you know already what you want from life. Why does it seem too hard to get?

Manifesting your big dreams takes more than just desire. You have to focus on your goals with confidence, long enough to bring them into reality. Old, limiting beliefs, the residual effects of trauma, and a host of other factors can block your progress, leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated.

With coaching, I will work with many aspects of your personality to get all of you aligned with your vision. With techniques for breaking through the blocks that bind you, I partner with your Soul to create a space where you can express the fullness of your Self to manifest your dreams.

As a mentor, I can help you make sense of complex spiritual teachings so you can put them into practice.

Please contact me to make an appointment only after you have read the FAQs.

Online Group Programs

Tapping Tuesdays at Two

Current Topic:

Tapping the Panic out of Pandemic

This free online program will help you move past the stress and panic you feel related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Open to everyone. Come and tap as a group.

No commitments, no cost.

Tapping for Transformation

Go deeper with the tapping protocol in a smaller group setting. During this 2-hour program, we will focus on releasing limiting and fearful beliefs that matter to you. These may include the impact of the pandemic, money, relationships, addiction, weight loss, anxiety, etc. Space limited.

First Wednesday of the month, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Eastern time

Next program, Wednesday, January 5th, 2021

Coaching for Healers

Because life is a mirror and we create all that we see, we draw to us people—including clients—who mirror our own issues. Through training and one-on-one mentoring, I specialize in creating a safe place for healers and mental health clinicians to address personal issues that impact their work.

Move through the personal issues that hold you back from serving your clients from the highest place of compassion and professionalism.

“My work with Mary is like a figure-eight loop. On one side, I gain support in my work with clients and in the transformational programs I develop. On the other, I shift personally at a deep level. Each side supports the other beautifully.” 

~Client and community leader

Professional Supervision / Training

One-on-One Supervision

I offer training and one-on-one mentoring for the professional healer.

  • Integrate energy psychology methods into your practice under the guidance of a clinician with more than 30 years’ experience,
  • Identify blockages and challenges with clients,
  • Clarify triggers,
  • Discuss your work with someone who understands its daily pressures and the processes, and
  • Build new pathways of action to serve you and your clients’ needs simultaneously.

Because I am a certified consultant for ACEP, these sessions can count toward your certification requirements.

This is a confidential, respectful environment for the medical professional in action.

Group Supervision

Once clinicians have trained with Mary in Energy Psychology (EP) methodologies, group supervision meetings help clinicians to deepen their understanding and application of these techniques. Benefit from my own experience as well as the group’s collective understanding.

Training Programs for Healers

Tapping for Transformation Masterclass

Learn the art and science of tapping with me.

I’ll teach you how to get the most out of this tool.

The art of tapping: What to target. How to go deeper. How you could be blocking your progress and what to do about it.

The science of tapping: The research that makes sense of this tool. How your energy systems work.

Discover the laws of energy that impact EVERYTHING in your work and life.

I usually offer this program a few times a year.

Learn more and add your name to the Masterclass Interest List below.

Integrating Tapping Into Clinical Care

A hammer is a great tool—unless you use it on glass.

I have logged thousands of hours of energy psychology-based tapping with clients in a wide range of mental health states. Allow me to show you how to safely use this tool in a professional context.

You will learn:

  • The theory behind energy medicine and how to introduce these methods to clients,
  • An advanced version of the tapping technique,
  • How to use tapping to help clients with anxiety, stress, anger, grief, guilt, addictive urges, and negative beliefs,
  • The four-stage model of treatment to safely process traumatic events with clients, and
  • How to safely use energy psychology with severely traumatized dissociative clients.

Registration opening soon.

Interested? Add your name to the Interest List. I’ll let you know when I offer the class again.