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Mary continues to be one of our top-rated presenters, even after 18 years of speaking at our yearly conference to return participants. We wouldn’t think of doing a conference without her.

~Mandi Freger, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Explore my Latest Book

My Amazon Bestseller, Tapping the PANIC out of PANdemIC shows readers how to simply, easily hack the brain’s survival wiring. I illustrate how to unlock new levels of health, wealth, and freedom – even in the most uncertain times.
I have written this book in simple, down-to-earth language that anyone can understand. My approach reflects more than 20 years and thousands of hours of clinical experience with hundreds of clients using tapping.

Readers who take on the practice in this book can find peace and clarity, no matter how chaotic the world may seem.

About my First Book

The Energy of Belief is a breakthrough book that can help you overcome the repetitive, destructive thinking that leads to physical breakdown and emotional suffering. Clear, practical, and easy to work with, this is a powerful book that can help you change your life.”
– Joan Borysenko, PhD, author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

“In a very clear, practical and grounded way, The Energy of Belief empowers readers to focus and fuel their intention to change and grow.”
– Belleruth Naparstek, LISW, author of Invisible Heroes

My Recent Shift Network Appearance

Here’s a video I recently did for the Shift Network.

It got more than 16,000 hits on Facebook!

5 Minutes a Day Can Totally Change Your Life

I love how easy, fast, and effective tapping can be.

Here’s a short “tap along” practice video.

Anyone can use it any time to change a negative emotional state.

A Few Other Goodies

Here are more samples.

A few have come from my “Tapping Toolkit,” which I share with anyone who joins my list. These are great for tapping beginners.

I’ve also included one of my “Tapping Tip Sheets,” an example of what I share with those who have become more engaged with the practice of tapping.

Tapping Points

How to Tap

Tapping Tip Sheet

One More Thing

I am currently hosting a no-cost weekly program, Tapping Tuesdays at Two. I host this every Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, U.S.

Join any time to watch me work in “real time” with real people.