Trauma Work

West Coast Trauma Project: Guy Macperhson, specializing in supporting trauma therapists.

Energy Psychology

Critical Thinking in the Energy Therapies: Comments on Gaudiano et al. (2012)
May, 2014: Energy Psychology Journal

Suppression of Innovation in Social Work: The Case of Energy Psychology
October 10, 2013: Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology
April 8, 2012: Hyla Cass, M.D. in the Huffington Post

Spirituality & Healing

Transformational Healing: The Spiritual Role of the Healer
May 1, 2013: by Mary Sise, LCSW in Wisdom Magazine

Aligning with the Wisdom of Your Soul
July 15, 2012: by Mary Sise, LCSW in Wisdom Magazine