Many traditional team-building programs focus on taking staff outside of their workday constructs and placing them in silly or fun activities designed to create new ways to better solve problems or address issues. Alternatively, Mary brings her warmth, humor, and insight into the heart of your workplace in a low-key, relaxed manner. Within the team setting, Mary will support you and your staff to see how conflicting values and beliefs hold back individual, team and organizational success. She teaches effective, simple methods for stress-free communication, mutual respect, and creative problem-solving that move your organization forward on a professional level.

Executive Coaching
Mary provides confidential individual coaching sessions for new and seasoned business executives. The work typically consists of assessing limiting beliefs about abundance and sorting out conflicts with employees above and below you.

For the Whole Team
In today’s economic climate, stress and personality clashes can make an already challenging work situation even more difficult on all levels. Give your staff or management team the gift of insight into one another’s idiosyncrasies and thinking styles, as well as their own triggers, beliefs, and patterns. These programs are not the same as therapy; the focus is on education and awareness appropriate to a business environment. Participants develop a keen understanding of their own values and increased respect for those around them in the workplace.

  • Onsite Assessments
    Mary will meet with the entire staff and help identify personality styles, and teach everyone how to get along with each other using simple energetic concepts, a non-judgmental style, and much humor.
  • Stress Management Sessions
    Mary will come to your workplace and teach simple Energy Psychology techniques to identify the signs of stress and relax faster and more effectively using natural, life-enhancing tools.
  • Organizational Retreats
    Half-day, full-day and weekend retreats are individually designed with your organization’s unique needs shaping the curriculum and activities.

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