When you work with Mary, it is never about “what is wrong with you,” rather it is an opportunity to explore and remove barriers you’ve accumulated. Each of us is born whole and perfect and several energetic factors – including the energies of your family lineage, information in your DNA, and your experiences in this lifetime – all converge to create the complex energy of you. You are more than the energy of this small “earth self” and you are connected with the divine. At no point can you lose this connection, even though it certainly might feel that way. Mary can help you determine which beliefs enhance your life and which beliefs limit you, always holding the vision that you are a perfect, divine creation. The goal is to remove the layers of distorted thinking that prevent you from knowing the divinity within yourself and living the life you wish for.

Counseling & Coaching
Working with Mary is an opportunity to examine your life, explore what happened to you, and discover why your life isn’t working the way you would like. That is the basis for moving forward. It is important to understand the distinction between counseling and coaching.

  • Counseling is most often one-on-one interaction giving clients the tools to recognize and move through life patterns (including releasing trauma when necessary). It usually involves focusing on what isn’t working and there is a mental health diagnosis (i.e., anxiety, depression, etc).
  • Coaching can have a broader scope involving long-term goal setting, skills building, and periodic “life compass checks.” Coaching is for people whose life is basically working, but they are feeling stuck in a few areas such as work, relationships, health, spirituality, etc. Coaching can be done via phone, email and in group settings.

Spiritual Growth Mentoring
For several years, Mary has served as a spiritual mentor. She consistently receives feedback that through her honesty and authenticity, mentees are able to understand complex spiritual teachings on a pragmatic level. Mary has worked diligently to release her own fears and barriers, giving her a freedom and ability to be deeply compassionate and balanced. She recognizes and appreciates the American culture and common blocks we have about who we really are.

Setting an Appointment
Please contact Mary to make an appointment after you read the FAQ below. Note: If you plan to use insurance, read the FAQ and contact your insurance company before making an appointment to determine what your benefit plan covers.

Due to Mary’s full schedule, please do not call for a personal recommendation for another therapist. Review the Referral List for possible clinicians, make phone calls and/or appointments with a few clinicians and see who you feel is the best match for you. After you’ve taken these steps, if you find you still would like Mary’s opinion, call and book a full-hour clinical assessment. In that appointment, Mary will conduct a full evaluation and provide recommendations based on that evaluation and her knowledge of the clinicians on the Referral List.

Read the FAQ