Energy Psychology Trainings

Level 1 trainings are open to everyone.  Level 2 trainings are for professionals in the mental health field. Click here to view all of Mary’s topics for speaking and workshops for professionals.


shutterstock_57703138Acupressure for Emotions

For over two decades, Mary has been involved in the Energy Psychology field and trained with the developers of several methodologies. Although authorized to train clinicians in several of Energy Psychology methods, she currently trains clinicians in Acupressure for Emotions. Mary offers a two-day curriculum workshop teaching the theory and technique along with how to integrate Energy Psychology into clinical practice, using a four-stage model of treatment. Clinicians trained in Acupressure for Emotions may use “tapping” instead of gentle touch and breathe when they have completed training in this method. Information from the different Energy Psychology methods is incorporated seamlessly into this two-day curriculum. There are modifications Mary has made to the tapping methods which enhance the process and her extensive clinical experience and case examples make this a very powerful, rich training.

Dazed & Confused? How to Stay “Rational” in Difficult Situations
There is nothing more confusing than an interaction in which you think you are “being logical” and the other person reacts with rage, hysterics or totally freezes you out. Inevitably, you get accused of saying something you are sure you didn’t say or doing something you are sure you didn’t do.

This workshop will de-mystify these types of interactions, explain how patterns are set in the brain causing these reactions, and offer a very simple acupressure technique which you will be able to teach your clients and use for yourself to re-program the limbic portion of the brain that is responsible for fight, flight or freeze.

While you may not be able to change others’ reactions, you will leave this workshop less confused and more able to remain rational in these difficult situations.

Advanced Clinical Day
This full-day training supports clinicians in going deeper in their understanding of using Energy Psychology in the treatment of trauma. They learn how to evaluate and screen for dissociative phenomena and use Energy Psychology for ego strengthening prior to doing trauma work. Through video tape and case examples, clinicians learn how to re-integrate dissociative parts with clients who have been seriously traumatized.