Professional Healers

Professional Mentoring
Because life is a mirror and we create all that we see, we draw to us relationships (including clients) who mirror our own issues. Mary specializes in creating a safe place for professionals mental health clinicians to work on the issues that hold them back from being clear and serving their clients from the highest place of detachment, compassion, and professionalism.  Mary provides training and one-on-mentoring for the professional healer. Once clinicians have trained with Mary in Energy Psychology (EP) methodologies, group supervision meetings or private mentoring sessions provide the opportunity for these clinicians to: identify blockages and challenges with clients; clarify their own triggers; discuss challenges with someone who understands the pressure and the process of their daily work; and form new pathways of action that serves both the client’s and their own needs. This is a confidential, respectful environment for the medical professional in action.

How can clinical training in EP and ongoing supervision benefit my practice?
We cannot take a client further or deeper than we have gone ourselves. Often, we are stuck and frustrated with a client who has a similar issue to us, even though the actual situation is a bit different, i.e., a fear of speaking up in a relationship or a fear of anger. Once we are able to heal our own beliefs and fears, we are then able to see it in the client, but not be triggered by it, and take the client to the next level of their healing.

What is the supervision group about?
Clinicians who have trained with Mary in EP methods come together each month to confidentially discuss cases. This is an excellent way—especially for someone in private practice who might feel isolated—to further your education and experience, and support the integration of EP techniques into your practice. Because it is a group process, the group contributes to each person’s learning and they, in turn, enrich the group by sharing their own unique experiences.

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Spiritual Growth Mentoring for the Healing Professional
For several years, Mary has been providing spiritual mentoring, and is especially skilled in the area of supporting the spiritual journey for healers. Mary is a healer for healers, creating the sacred space within which you can explore the rich and deep facets of who you truly are. She consistently receives feedback that through her honest and authentic style, mentees are able to understand complex spiritual teachings on a pragmatic level. Mary has worked diligently to release her own fears and barriers and lives an authentic life, giving her a freedom and ability to be deeply compassionate and detached. She recognizes and appreciates the American culture and the common blocks we have about who we really are.