For the Public

The following topics are designed with the general public in mind. Everyone can come from their own place of experience and knowledge and leave with practical tools and concepts to address recurring limiting behaviors, blocking beliefs, and simple energy shifting. These programs can be adjusted to any size group.

Touch & Breathe I: General Public: Tired of your old beliefs getting in your way? Beliefs about lack of money, lack of will power, or things your siblings told you? Ready to learn a powerful tool to teach your children to stay centered and calm or do well in school and sports? Then spend a few hours learning the method of Touch & Breathe. This is a workshop of learning and fun… not therapy… so bring your friends, bring your old beliefs and get ready to release!

Intuition 101: Why use just your five senses to make a decision? What is intuition and how do you harness it? How do you know the difference between “gut instinct” and plain, old fear? This workshop will help you discern how to use your own energy body to gather more insights to guide you.

Dazed & Confused? How to Stay “Rational” in Difficult Situations There is nothing more confusing than an interaction in which you think you are “being logical” and the other person reacts with rage and hysterics or totally freezes you out. Inevitably, you then get accused of saying something you are sure you didn’t say or doing something you are sure you didn’t do.

This workshop will help de-mystify these types of interactions, explain how patterns are set in our brains, and offer a very simple acupressure technique which you can use to re-program the limbic portion of your brain that is responsible for “fight, flight or freeze.” While you may not be able to change others reactions, you will leave this workshop less confused and more able to remain rational in these difficult situations.

If I Create My Own Reality – Where’s All My Stuff? Understand why, despite your best intentions, you are unable to manifest your dreams, exploring the role of blocking beliefs and how they can sabotage your goals. Learn strategies to get out of your own way and begin to manifest the reality you really deserve.

If I Create My Own Reality – Why Are YOU Still Here? Understand why you keep attracting the same annoying people to you and how your beliefs manifest in your relationships. Most importantly, this workshop will teach you ways to release those beliefs so that your relationships are much more harmonious.

Why Isn’t Everyone Like Me? Learn about and understand others from a “five elements” point of view and why everyone isn’t the same. More important than theory, however, you learn how to best work with those whose “style” is different than yours.

Acupressure for Peak Performance: Learn to use acupressure to visualize whatever you wish and make it easier for you to accomplish anything you set your intention on. Great for test anxiety, sports or job performance, weight loss, etc.