For Professionals

These programs are crafted for the professional healer. Whether your work is in Western or Eastern medicine, spiritual healing, social work, or holistic health, you will find options to enhance your practice as well as your daily life. Healers must make time for self-care as well as outreach to others. Mary can guide you or your conference attendees to the necessary tools and knowledge to bring blocked or overwhelming energy patterns to light and find ways to release them.

Touch & Breathe Method of Energy Psychology: This method is based on the work of Roger Callahan (TFT), enhanced with mindfulness, touch, and gentle breathing instead of tapping. In this two-day training, professionals will learn how to: explain energy psychology to clients and integrate it into clinical practice. They will also learn how to work with clients to: process traumatic events; change long-standing negative beliefs; calm the limbic brain; and release shame, guilt and anxiety.

Dazed & Confused? How to Stay “Rational” in Difficult Situations There is nothing more confusing than an interaction in which you think you are “being logical” and the other person reacts with rage and hysterics or totally freezes you out. Inevitably, you then get accused of saying something you are sure you didn’t say or doing something you are sure you didn’t do.

This workshop will help de-mystify these types of interactions, explain how patterns are set in the brain, and offer a very simple acupressure technique which you will be able to teach your clients and use for yourself to re-program the limbic portion of the brain that is responsible for fight, flight or freeze.

While you may not be able to change others reactions, you will leave this workshop less confused and more able to remain rational in these difficult situations.

Sise_website_EEM_OrlandoFL_2Beyond Technique: The Sacred Role of the Healer What is healing? What is “dis-ease” from an energetic and spiritual perspective? Is it a wake-up call from the soul? How can a healer integrate spiritual and energetic principles into clinical care in a way that doesn’t sound blaming and “new–agey?” Can you take someone further than you have gone yourself? This workshop will discuss these topics and through experiential exercise, participants will learn ways to raise and strengthen the vibration of their own spiritual bodies to reach higher realms of light where healing naturally occurs.

Preventing Therapist Burn-out What is burn-out and how does it happen? What are the symptoms that impact us all as healers? Does the energy of the client impact us? How can you strengthen your energy body so that you are not bringing home a lower-vibrational energy? In this workshop, participants learn about energy, and how to strengthen and empower their own energetic fields so that they stay healthy and vibrant.

Integrating Energy Psychology into the Treatment of Trauma This full-day workshop integrates the four stages of trauma treatment into clinical care. It begins with a full discussion of how to evaluate for dissociation, then shows participants how to use energy psychology first for stabilization and safety prior to doing trauma processing. Utilizing videotaped treatment segments, participants understand how to safely process traumatic events. This is a “must” workshop for therapists who work with trauma.

Where the Bleep was God? Reconnecting with God after Trauma When trauma happens it is normal for the client to wonder, “where was God?” Frequently, therapists also struggle with this dilemma and are at a loss to help the client work it through. This workshop will help participants understand the process of working through the emotions around trauma and helping the client make meaning out of traumatic events.

The Energy of Belief: Identifying & Releasing the Blocking Beliefs of the Practitioner Why are there some clients who are more difficult for us to help? Can we take a client further than we have gone? This workshop helps participants identify what their client are mirroring back to them so that they can release their own limiting beliefs and be of assistance to the client.

Acupressure for Emotional Regulation This workshop teaches participants how to: use simple acupressure techniques to reduce anxiety and stress; understand the basic principles behind energy treatments; and empower them to reclaim their lives. Professionals will then be able to teach the same tools to clients to help their clients calm down.